They say that an Englishman’s home is his castle, unfortunately this is not the case when it comes to fire in an Englishman’s home or anywhere else in the UK for that matter.

Sadly, in the twelve months to March 2021 there were 240 fire related fatalities in England, while this is a slight reduction on the number from the previous year the Government notes that this may be due to restrictions on life due to COVID-19.

Of these fatalities 186 occurred in dwellings and they were part of the 27,021 dwelling house fires in England alone in one year.

These figures are far too high, this is a needless waste of human life, there are also many thousands of injures due to house fires each year, this is also too high and as well as the suffering caused it puts increasing pressure on our NHS which is already under strain due to COVID.

#Dwelling-house fires also reduce our housing stock at a time when #socialhousing in particular is badly needed throughout the UK.

What can be done to reduce these tragic figures for loss of life and injuries?

Our webinar on October 26th will demonstrate the value of fitting automatic #fire sprinklers to save lives and protect #Firefighters. #sprinklersystems will also protect our housing stock and will demonstrate their value of the lifetime of a house.

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