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Remote Interactive Programme Registration

SFJ IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (On-Line Learning)

All learning outcomes within the qualification must be achieved and the multiple choice test paper passed.

When we say ‘learning’ what we mean is ‘remote interactive learning’.  What will NOT be permitted by OFQUAL Awarding Organisations is simply providing candidates with a set of slides, notes, workbook, etc, and them working through it on their own. There must be full live interaction for the duration of the programme. (Hence the repeated use of the expression ‘remote interactive’ rather than simply ‘online’ and something different from sitting in front of a computer screen.

A tutor must be able to see all candidates live and be able to communicate with them live, and two-way, ie candidates must also be able to speak.  (Skype/Zoom are platforms which easily allow this kind of interaction).

This on-line qualification is open to fire sprinkler installers who have less than three years verifiable 3 years experience of working as a sprinkler installer. The qualification is the same qualification as delivered to those with experience, although contains enhanced online learning modules.

The qualification for the Active Fire Industry introduces new and existing practitioners to the practical skills and knowledge required for installing automatic Fire Sprinkler systems (commercial/industrial and residential). The framework of the qualification will provide sufficient flexibility for the variations in different jobs and locations whilst confirming occupational competence set by industry. 

This qualification is approved for learners 18 and above. There are no formal entry requirements although learners must be able to work at heights. 

The learning programme consists of approx. 60 hours learning delivered online through a wide variety of learning methodologies. The learner will be able to access the learning modules and assessments in their own time and at their own pace and will be allowed 10 weeks from the time of enrolment to complete their programme. 

A period of 10 days practical training is required within the programme covering Fire Sprinkler Installation & Handover (practical activity).

Completion of the programme is expected to take no longer than 6 months.

The course fee is £999 +VAT per person for BAFSA Members. For NON BAFSA members the fee is £1,080 +VAT.

Full course fee payment is made payable directly to BAFSA at the time of booking. Course Fees for this online course will attract VAT. Payment can be made online below. Please note: The course fee is non refundable.

An audio visual introduction will introduce the programme to the candidate. The learner will be able to contact the tutor electronically should they need to at any point in the learning programme.

The interactive learning course consists of teaching and seven assessments, two competence based, and five knowledge based using a variety of media.  All requirements of the L2 qualification are covered through the programme, each designed to allow learning and assessment:

To achieve the IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (QCF) the learner must achieve seven mandatory units as listed below and pass the multiple choice test paper. 

  • communicate effectively in the workplace 
  • establish effective working relationships; 
  • manage own resources 
  • Health & Safety 
  • awareness of regulations in the fire sprinkler industry
  • fire sprinkler installation and handover 
  • understanding the fire sprinkler industry
  • Course Delivery
  1. Communicate effectively in the workplace
  2. Establish effective working relationships
  3. Manage own resources
  4. Health & Safety in the Workplace (If a valid CSCS card is held by the candidate this unit is not required) A photographic copy of the CSCS card is required.
  5. Awareness of Regulations in the Fire Sprinkler Industry. The BAFSA L2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler (Unit 5) Handbook covers all aspects of Legislation & Regulation in the Fire  Sprinkler Industry (as covered in the online module) and is available to download free of charge here
  6. Fire Sprinkler Installation & Handover (practical). This unit requires practical assessment by the candidate’s designated college tutor to confirm candidate competency)
  1. Understanding the Fire Sprinkler Industry

Practical assessment by a college tutor is required for Unit 6, Fire Sprinkler Installation & Handover. The designated college tutor will assess the candidate for compliance and complete module 6 section within the candidate SFJ IQ Qualification Achievement Record. 

This learning is expected to consist of 10 days attendance at one of the colleges listed below:

Please identify your designated college for this activity:

Neath Port Talbot Group of Colleges (NPTC), West College Scotland (WCS).

The Course Tutor will contact you within 7 days of enrolment to provide you with course dates.

Following completion of the online modules and practical evidence by the candidate there is further activity required which is undertaken by an independent Verifier and the Awarding Organisation (Skills for Justice) before any certificate can be awarded. This process can take up to 45 days.

This activity is required to ensure that the candidate evidence demonstrates Validity, Reliability, Comparability, Manageability and Minimises Bias and the qualification remains robust. 

BAFSA and the College Course Tutor have no influence in these steps. 

  • Candidates record of achievement (evidence of completion) is put forward by the College for Internal Verification by an Independent Verifier. 

If any evidence is missing or not meeting the specification it is returned to the College for remedial action. 

  • Once internal verification is complete, the record of achievement (evidence of completion) is provided to Skills for Justice (Awarding Organisation) for verification and certification. If any evidence is missing or not meeting the specification it is returned to Internal Verifier for remedial action.
  • SFJ have 30 days to respond by returning the submission or issuing a certificate.

I wish to register a candidate for SJF IQ L2 Certificate In Fire Sprinkler Installation (On-line Learning) Programme

  • Please identify your Designated College for this activity relative to a nation within the UK, West College Scotland (Scotland) or Neath Port Talbot Group of Colleges (Wales).
  • £ 0.00

Following receipt of payment candidate log in details will be provided . Please Note that this can take 5 – 7 working days.

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