Two Sprinkler Saves in one week

21st November: A fire on the 3rd floor of a 21 storey residential block on the Isle of Dogs was extinguished by the activation of three sprinkler heads before the arrival of London Fire Brigade and the fire was contained within the five roomed flat.

LFB’s fire investigation team believes the fire was accidental and caused by a fault in a lithium-ion battery for an Ebike that was on charge.

22nd November: Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service attended a fire in a ground floor toilet of a primary school resulting in the school sprinkler system activating before the arrival of operational crews.

The school is part of the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust. Ceo Jez Piper said: “The fire was quickly contained, and the school was evacuated very quickly and effectively, with no harm to any pupil or member of staff. “The school sprinkler system worked well, and the fire brigade attended the site very quickly, ensuring that the fire was fully out and to secure the area”

Further details of both these serves can be found on BAFSA’s Sprinkler Saves website: