A new publication that focuses on incidents in Greater London where fire sprinklers have helped protect our communities from fire has been published BAFSA in time for this year’s Sprinkler Week ( 15-22nd May).

Fire Sprinklers: Greater London Review, provides powerful evidence of the role sprinklers play, as part of an appropriate package of fire safety measures, in reducing the impact of fire on people property and the environment.

The review is broken down into three key areas: a look at fire trends in Greater London for the period 2018-2021 with reference to the fire datasets captured by the IRS, an overview of fire data-sets for the same period where sprinklers were recorded as being present in three key property types – and finally a collection of AFSS sprinkler save case studies that were reported to the Sprinkler Saves website.

Copies of the review can be downloaded here https://www.bafsa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/bsk-pdf-manager/2023/04/BAFSA_GLReview1304.pdf