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Subscription rates


Level 4 – £4,356

Level 3/Water Mist Installers – £2,880

Level 2 – £2,244

Level 1 Installers/LPS1301/FIRAS/IFC Residential Scheme members – £1,452

Suppliers and Manufacturers of Listed Equipment

Sprinkler Head Manufacturers – £12,000

Suppliers/Manufacturers of Listed Sprinkler/Watermist Components – £2,400

Associate Members

Domestic/Residential and Watermist Installers not holding third party certification – £1,056

Trade members including Sub Contractors and Suppliers of unlisted misc. equipment and services – £726

Organisations (Insurers, Fire and Rescue Services, BCO’s, Consultants etc) – £264

Individual Members not providing products or services or installing systems – £264

All rates include VAT @ 20%

Payment Options

  1. By BACS credit in favour of:- Bank: Nat West Bank, Market Street, Ely, CB7 4YY, Account No: 43089534, Sort Code: 52-41-19, Account Name: British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association
  2. In the case of Certificated or Registered Installers or Listed Suppliers and Manufacturers, by 12 monthly Standing Order payments (Standing order mandate form can be obtained from the Registered Office)