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Sprinkler Saves

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BAFSA targets specific occupancies and hazards and lobbies the relevant regulatory sector

BAFSA is constantly campaigning to promote the better and more effective use of water-based, automatic fire suppression systems to protect lives (including the lives of fire fighters), property and the environment.

It does this by targeting specific occupancies and hazards and lobbies the relevant regulatory sector and focussing on one of the following sectors:

Residential care premises
Schools and universities
High rise dwellings
Multi storey, multi occupancy buildings
Warehousing & modern logistics facilities
Protecting the elderly & the vulnerable
Heritage properties and cultural buildings
Retrofitting sprinklers in hi rise and low rise sheltered housing

Other activities supported by BAFSA include:

  • The National Fire Chiefs Council : the cost-benefits of sprinklers in residential and domestic premises
  • Sheffield City Council : a pilot study of retrofitting sprinklers into an occupied high rise social housing block.
  • BRE : research into the use of sprinklers in car park stacker systems
  • Protection of historic buildings
  • Fitting sprinklers in student accommodation
  • Promoting sprinklers in hotels
  • Working to eliminate the myths which have grown up around sprinklers including issues such as Legionnaire’s Disease
  • Appropriate uses of watermist systems
  • Alternative compliance with building codes and standards using sprinklers
  • Lobbying the appropriate government departments to ensure that fire safety measures are not diminished by amendments to UK Building Regulations, Codes and Guidance

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