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Membership status

Current Membership Grades are based largely on the LPS 1048 grading scheme

membership grades
Current Membership Grades are based largely on the LPS 1048 grading scheme.

Companies which are listed under the FIRAS or IFCC Domestic and Residential Installer scheme are classified together with LPCB Level 1 installers.

  • Installer Members
  • Certificated (Level 4)
  • Registered (Level 3)
  • Registered (Level 2)
  • Registered (Level 1/1P)
  • Water Mist System Installers: Companies solely in the business of installing water mist systems are most welcome to apply for membership. Those applicants or members who are listed by the FIRAS Warrington third party certification schemes for this type of work will be asked to pay a subscription equal to that of a Level 3 sprinkler installer. Manufacturers of water mist components who are third party certified by any internationally recognised certification body will pay the same subscription as Suppliers and Manufacturers of Listed Equipment.
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers of Listed Equipment
  • Manufacturers of sprinkler heads and watermist heads/nozzles
  • Suppliers/manufacturers of listed components for sprinkler systems and watermist systems
  • Associate Members
  • Trade: Suppliers of unlisted equipment and services not holding third party certification
  • Organisations : Fire Brigades/Insurers/Certification Bodies/Others, Individuals/Consultants

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