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Many construction and site managers request that their workers hold a SKILLcard before coming on site. The link below provides information on the different types and colour cards available. https://www.skillcard.org.uk/types-of-skillcard

A Red Trainee Card available to those working as ‘trainees’ in the fire sprinkler installer sector. This card is for new entrant trainees who have no prior experience and are enrolled on the Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation qualification. This card is valid for 1 year and is non-renewable. It can be upgraded to the skilled worker blue card when the Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation qualification is achieved.

A Green (Mate) Card available to those carrying out basic site work only. This card does not allow the holder to assist with the physical installation of fire sprinkler systems. These card holders must be working with qualified skilled workers and a ratio of 4:1 (Green mates : Blue skilled worker) applies. The card will display “Fire Sprinkler Installers Mate” on the reverse.

A Blue Skilled Worker Card – ‘Fire Sprinkler Installer’ is available to those experienced workers who hold the competency based qualification,  Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation). Applicants for this card are also required to hold a HSE certificate.

A Blue Skilled Worker Card – ‘Inspection & Commissioning of Fire Sprinkler Systems (Commercial)’ is available to those workers who have successfully completed and achieved the BAFSA Inspection & Commissioning course. Applicants for this card are also required to hold an SMSTS or SSSTS certificate.

A Gold (Supervisor) Card is available for the following supervisory occupations:

  1. Team Leader (formerly Foreman)
  2. Building Services Engineer Supervisor (previously Firstline Supervisor)
  3. Junior/Assistant Project Engineer (who has completed a Student Apprenticeship)
  4. Building Services Technician (previously Senior Commissioning Engineer)


To qualify for a Gold (Supervisory) Skill card, applicants will need to undertake a recognised short course in supervisory management. For details of courses that will satisfy this requirement please contact the SKILLcard Helpdesk on 01768 860406.  Examples include, Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS), Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), IOSH Managing Safely. For the statements of competences to be used in Industry Accreditation of applicants for Gold (Supervisory) SKILLcards please click here.

A Black Managers skill card ‘Design of Fire Sprinkler Systems (Domestic & Residential)’ is available to those workers who have successfully completed and achieved the SQA Residential & Domestic Fire Sprinkler Design Certificate. Applicants for this card are also required to hold an SMSTS certificate.

For information on how to apply for any of the above Fire Sprinkler Installer Skillcards please visit https://www.skillcard.org.uk/find-the-right-card-for-you/

For information on accessing training to support the above cards please contact qualifications@bafsa.org.uk or visit www.bafsa.org.uk


Please Note:

SKILLcard stopped accepting new applications for the Fire Sprinkler Installer CRO card in June 2019. The phase out of CRO cards is happening to deliver the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) 2025 vision.

As a result card schemes carrying the CSCS logo including Skillcard, must only certify occupations with nationally recognised construction related qualifications.

BAFSA has worked closely with Industry Skillcard to achieve a measured and planned implementation of this new requirement and we have developed a comprehensive qualification route which allow Fire Sprinkler Installers, Designers and those involved in Inspection and Commissioning of fire sprinkler systems to demonstrate their competence via accredited training programme.