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BAFSA Course Accreditation

“BAFSA’s accreditation scheme was developed to allay concerns about the quality of delivery of training within the fire sprinkler industry”

BAFSA Course Accreditation endorses quality training across the fire sprinkler industry allowing employers and others to make informed decisions regarding their training.

Accreditation is the formal recognition that ensures training is meeting the appropriate criteria for best practice and that it meets or exceeds nationally recognised training standards.

Accreditation promotes accountability. It is the ultimate measure of quality, it’s a professional seal of approval that assures clients and employees that the training they are undertaking has met rigorous standards and is a genuine quality assured programme.

BAFSA Accreditation endorses quality courses, training providers, trainers as well as in-house training schemes for the sector, giving employers and individuals confidence that the training they are considering has been approved by the trade association. An application course fee is applicable.

Ruth Oliver, BAFSA Skills and Qualifications Adviser said “BAFSA’s accreditation scheme was developed to allay concerns about the quality of delivery of training within the fire sprinkler industry. It is BAFSA’s intention to recognise high quality training and endorse it with the aim of increasing the availability and quality of training available to everyone who works in the sector. Training is matched to industry standards or best practice, which specify standards of performance that people are expected to achieve and the knowledge and skills they need to perform effectively providing the evidence to providers, trainers, employers and learners that training is being delivered to the highest possible standards. With accredited training, learners have assurance of receiving a quality education as well as gaining recognition by employers.”

Accreditation from BAFSA, a nationally recognised trade association, not only endorses quality but boosts the reputation of your training and sets a benchmark for training, whilst ensuring training is prepared to a high standard, reassuring the public that they can be confident in the learning opportunities that the sector has.

If you have a course you would like accredited please contact Ruth Oliver at qualifications@bafsa.org.uk