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Standards for Installation

Standards for Installation

Sprinklers in Industrial and Commercial premises are installed to the following sprinkler design standards:

  • BS EN 12845
  • Loss Prevention Rules (The LPC Rules)
  • National Fire Protection Association Sprinkler Rules (NFPA 13 and others)
  • FM Global Sprinkler Rules (Data Sheets 2.0 and others)

Fire protection of ‘special hazards’ such as LPG storage tanks, Flammable Liquids storage tanks can be protected from fire spread by cooling tanks and adjoining equipment to ensure that the fire is controlled until fuel is isolated and the fire service arrives to manage the situation.

These systems are usually designed to NFPA 15 standard.


To make sure a sprinkler installation will work it must be properly designed and installed. In the UK there are presently three United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) organisations which undertake the third party certification of sprinkler and watermist installers.

LPCB/BRE Certification Ltd

LPCB/BRE Certification Ltd undertakes third party verification of industrial and commercial sprinkler systems installers to LPS 1048. Most systems certificated to LPS 1048 are required to comply with the LPC Rules and to use components tested or listed by LPCB. The LPS 1048 scheme also encompasses sprinkler systems installed in accordance with BS 9251.

T : +44 (0)333 321 88 11
E : enquiries@lpcb.com
W : bre.co.uk

Exova Warrington

Exova Warrington also administers schemes for sprinkler and watermist installers under their FIRAS brand. There are three separate certification schemes:

  • FIRAS scheme for Commercial and Industrial Sprinkler Systems
  • FIRAS scheme for Residential Sprinklers
  • FIRAS scheme for Installers of Water Mist Systems

T : 01925-646-666
E : Phil.Sargent@Exova.com
W : exova.com

IFC Certification Ltd

IFC Certification Ltd also offers a scheme for installers of industrial and commercial sprinkler systems and installer of domestic and residential sprinkler systems.

T : 01844 275500
E : ian.woodhouse@ifcgroup.com
W : ifccertification.com

All of the UKAS accredited organisations require their listed companies to issue certificates of conformity in respect of compliant systems. These certificates are proof to building control departments, the fire and rescue service, local authorities and insurers that such systems meet the appropriate standards and have been installed correctly. Where there are minor deviations from a standard, certificates can still be issued but the owner or end-user must be notified of these.