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Technical Enquiries

BAFSA’s technical advisors can, in most cases, answer any questions you may have about commercial, residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems. Your query can be about sprinkler system design, installation, maintenance or any other sprinkler related issues.

All questions, no matter how simple or complex, are promptly responded to or advice is given where you can best find the answer. The service is available to both members and non-members at no cost (see note 1 below).


Before asking your question please check that it has not already been answered in …


If your question relates to a search for a sprinkler installation company to undertake work for you …


Email your query. We will respond as soon as we can on the basis of note 2 below.

Note 1: If your question/query relates to an issue which is better handled by a fire engineering consultant or any other party, we reserve the right to so suggest you consider directing your query to them. In such cases, where you are advised to seek professional assistance, these companies or people may have charges which should be agreed between you and them.

Note 2: By utilising this service you fully accept that (unless provided under a contract for service existing between and BAFSA no liability of any kind attaches to the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association Ltd and any of its directors, officers or members.