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Sprinkler Saves

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Public Relations / Industry Promotion

The benefits of becoming a BAFSA member
Public Relations / Industry Promotion
  • BAFSA works within the wider fire industry to promote life saving benefits of sprinklers as an essential part of an effective fire protection strategy
  • bafsa.org,uk is the online public library for anyone looking to access information on sprinklers and is the respected mouthpiece for the industry
  • All Members are listed on basa.org.uk alphabetically, by region and status
  • BAFSA organises the only sprinkler focussed conference & exhibition in the Uk and BAFSA members enjoy substantial discounts to attend this event
  • BAFSA engages with the media to promote fire safety and increase awareness of the value of fire sprinklers in saving lives and property
  • BAFSA has created, and continually updates, a comprehensive library of publications and reports which act the as a vital reference source for all
  • BAFSA Technical Advisers make presentations to audiences around the UK, throughout the year, on all aspects of the benefits of fitting sprinklers
  • BAFSA in collaboration with the UK’s  Fire & Rescue Services organises free to attend seminars throughout the year aimed at audiences from across the spectrum of Local Government, architects, Building Control, developers, building owners and operators, housing associations and many other relevant individuals whose professional role encompassses the protection of life and property from fire
  • BAFSA embraces social media and actively participates in Twitter and LinkedIn forums