A recent fire incident, involving a sauna in a mixed-use building in London’s Fitzrovia, was closed within 70 minutes, thanks to the presence of an automatic fire sprinkler system.

Full details of the incident brought to our attention by LFB can be read on BAFSA’s Sprinkler Saves website which documents saves in order to provide the evidence of sprinklers doing their job. 

Contrast this with a fire in a commercial leisure centre brought to our attention by Paul Redington from Zurich’s property major loss team.

The fire started when a cleaner left a towel on the heater. It spread and destroyed the entire buidling with the initial claim put in at over £30 million – half of which was business interruption- significantly more than it would have cost to fit sprinklers in the first place. 

Image copyright: © 2017 Santeri Viinamäki