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Sprinkler Saves

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At this time sprinklers are required to be fitted in all new care Homes, sheltered housing accommodation and high-rise domestic premises over 18m height. In addition all new schools, covered shopping centres, warehouses over 14,00m2 and high risk hospital areas are also required to have sprinklers fitted.

In June 2018 the Scottish Government announced that it would legislate to require sprinklers in all new social housing and in July 2018 it published a consultation on proposals to require sprinklers in all new apartments and in large Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) with 10 or more residents. At the time of writing (October 2018), it is our understanding that legislation will be passed in 2019 and take effect in 2020.
Our focus now is on the retrofitting of existing care homes and sheltered housing, multi storey domestic accommodation and historic properties. We are also campaigning to have wider adoption of sprinklers into warehouses and large factories.