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SFJ IQ L2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (Experienced Worker Route – College attendance required)

SFJ IQ L2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (Experienced Worker Route – College Attendance Required)
This qualification is open to fire sprinkler installers who have a verifiable 3 years experience of working as a sprinkler installer. The qualification is the same qualification as delivered in the traditional block release and day release methods. This five day EWR course consists of class room teaching and seven assessments, two competence based, and five knowledge based. Pre requisite for this five day course is the completion and submission of the BAFSA Evidence of Prior Learning Record Portfolio along with a current skills card.

With this award encompassing both Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler installations whilst we would expect the candidate to have experience in both types of systems, demonstrated within the BAFSA Evidence of prior learning record book, the course has a teaching element for installers that have not had experience in either metallic fire sprinkler systems installations or plastic fire sprinkler systems installations to gain a working knowledge of installation and jointing techniques.

Legislation & Regulation within the Fire Sprinkler Sector is covered by a two hour Masterclass delivered by BAFSA followed by a Multiple Choice Test Paper on Legislation & Regulation (open book). Candidates will receive a BAFSA handbook provided during the Masterclass which may be used during the test.

To reserve a course place please download and complete the application form below (PDF) and return to Ruth Oliver (qualifications@bafsa.org.uk)

Where next?

Candidate to gather evidence to support ‘industry experience’ 

(Experience is to be a minimum of 3 years working in the sector undertaken within the last 7 years.)

Register for a course place agreeing to provide the ‘evidence of experience’ to your selected college ahead of the course commencement date.

Evidence of working within the ‘fire sprinkler installation’ sector will be required by the College via submission of CV, profile, employer testimony, submission of certification/qualifications held along with a written CPD log.

Payment of course fee to chosen college (expected to be approx. £950)

College Attendance

Day 1
College Induction, enrolment, H&S, Professional discussion with tutor (individual and group) covering: Understanding the FSI, Working with others, Communication Skills, Managing Resources, H&S

Day 2
Refresher training/assessment practice/understanding the assessment procedure and explaining requirements to be undertaken by students prior to their assessments. This is session is required to minimise the risk of any experienced installer ‘failing’ to achieve’.

Day 3 & 4
Fire Sprinkler Installation & Handover 

The practical modules evidencing competency will be independently assessed in College (full details of requirements can be viewed via the Qualification Specification)

Day 5
Awareness of Regulations within the FSI

Following a short BAFSA Masterclass a multiple choice will be required (mapped to the qualification module). The question bank has been developed by BAFSA and the test is delivered under exam conditions and marked by the tutor.) An opportunity will be made available for any student who fails the test to resit at a future time (most likely joining in at the end of the next course)

IQ Certification of evidence required (external verification) and IQ Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation issued